Welcome to The Rescued Relics!

I have finally decided to start a blog of my adventures in thrifting! I had begun years ago with visiting the local Goodwills, garage sales, and thrift stores. Last year, we purchased our first home and began looking for unique finds to decorate our  home. A few auctions later and my house was full and the garage was starting to look an episode of hoarders!

One night at an auction, I started talking to a women who rented booth space at the antique store across the street and the rest is history!

I have found a new passion. I am a full time teacher and part time thrifter. Follow along on my journey as I learn how to start making a real income (fingers crossed) in repurposing and reselling my finds. 

My Journey with Younique!

I’ve decided that I needed another source of income and a way to meet strong women who like to work hard. I joined the company Younique! 

What’s so amazing is that you can get the presenter’s kit for $99 and be done if you want or sell, sell, sell! 

Come check out what they have to offer and like

And share away! YouniqueKissandMakeupbyJill
​ the new one step Epic Mascara! This is only with one coat!​​ The kit has arrived!
Too good of a deal to pass up!

So stop by for a visit! https://www.youniqueproducts.com/JillCuttoneHinshaw/party/7269493/view?vh=1

Friday Finds

I found some great finds yesterday and opened an Etsy store! My booth at Fancy Flea 2 in Shallotte has been doing ok. I’ve been able to cover rent and make a little profit. Usually just under $100. My goal this summer was to put more time into selling but summer seems to be flying by and I’ve been trying to get my new classroom set up as well. 

Now, what should I sell on etsy and what should I take to my booth. The booth has been picking up with summer tourism but I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs from Etsy sellers where they are doing really well. I’m just afraid of losing out on the shipping like I did on the few things I sold on eBay.

Here are my finds from yesterday!

A pair of brass owl bookends.Hand carved wood duckMad Men desk organizer

Hand Carved Signed Pintail Duck

The cutest porcelain pigeon!

This bird tile came in a box lot.

Tile Sloop

I just love globes and the drawer underneath would make it a great desk accessory.

Cross-stitched American Robin

Needlepoint American Robin 

Pair of over portraits 

Merri-Bell Dutch Sailor handbell

American Wildlife Series Signed Duck

Love this sailor! Think he’s a keeper for my gallery wall.

Birds, birds, birds…always a buy for me

Whale cutting board- another possible keeper!

Love meat grinders. I’ve turned them into succulent holders. License plate was thrown in the lot.

Unique metal street signs. Purchased numbers 14-19….any ideas what they can be used for? Would like to repurpose some how!